Every once in a generation, a new idea is born. In a place where innovation meets modernisation, great designs are created. But every once in a while, bringing ideas back to basics produces the best designs of all.

In 2021, launching at the World Gunmakers’ Evening, blending strength, simplicity, and the vision of the modern-day hunter. Uniquely designed and built by sportsmen with thousands of hours of boar and deer hunting under their belt, we are delighted to introduce you to The OldSport Rifle.

The OldSport Rifle is made by OldSport Outfitters, the company that announced in July 2021 that it was reviving Charles Lancaster Gunmakers. With a different design to the traditional Mauser-based rifles produced by Lancaster, this new rifle has retained its original branding associated with the OldSport Outfitters Group and will be sold exclusively by Charles Lancaster Gunmakers.

The rifle is based on a Dakota action, with a full-length claw extractor and controlled round feed, with a 5+1 top feed magazine (capacity is calibre dependent). A controlled precision trigger assembly and three position safety come as standard, along with a pillar and metal bedded stock for accuracy and stability. The stock itself is made from coated carbon fibre, reducing weight, and increasing durability.

The OldSport Rifle is built with Talley mounts as standard, with quick detachable mounts available on request.

The show model is built in 8x68S calibre, with a 23” threaded barrel. Most modern calibres and barrel lengths are available. This example is a lightweight 9 lbs 11oz (including Swarovski Z6i 1-6 x 30 scope).

Engraving is kept to a minimum, with the manufacturer name and serial number coming as standard. Additional engraving, from border scroll or fine scroll through to game scenes or carving may be quoted separately.

For further information, please visit: www.clguns.com/oldsport-rifle