The Val Trompia is a mountainous region in northern Italy, in the province of Brescia. Numerous historical documents certify the presence of metalworks and arms manufacturing in the Val Trompia region for Centuries. Some samples of the antique Italian craftsmanship in arms are on display in numerous important museums all around the world, a testament to the ingenuity and high level of finesse reached by traditional handcrafters in those long-gone days.

Sabatti’s tradition in gunmaking is deeply rooted in this history, with a numerous family that has been active in firearms manufacturing in all specialties for three hundred years.

Among the most famous members of the Sabatti family we can find Lodovico Sabatti, working in the early 1700s in the city of Gardone Val Trompia as an “archibusaro” (master gunsmith), a well known manufacturer of excellent flintlock guns as well as a qualified master “cannoniere” (barrel maker).

Giuseppe Sabatti, another esteemed and skilled gunmaker, worked in Gardone Val Trompia from 1760 to 1815.

Another man by the name of Giuseppe Sabatti worked in the first half of the 1800s as a barrel maker: extremely well respected in his craft, he is considered one of the best damascus barrel manufacturers ever.