Guests arrive at the Tower of London via the West Gate and are met by a Yeoman Warder and taken on a short walking tour towards the Jewel House.

Take an optional tour of the Crown Jewels on route, then prepare to be immersed in the World of Gunmaking and exquisite craftsmanship at the New Armouries.

Ceremony of the Keys – Tower grounds closed to guests and exhibitors.

World Gunmakers Evening Reception ends. Guests depart.

Ceremony of the Keys

The Tower still maintains centuries of colourful traditions. Best known is the ceremonial locking and unlocking of the gates of the fortress, which has taken place for centuries, and has become known as The Ceremony of the Keys.

The formal locking and unlocking of the Tower gates began on the orders of a furious Edward III. The King turned up unannounced at the Tower one night in December 1340 and walked straight in, unchallenged! After imprisoning the Constable of the Tower, Edward de la Beche, for dereliction of duty, Edward decreed that the castle should be locked at sunset and unlocked at sunrise.

During the Ceremony, guests will be confined to the Tower, but will free to depart once the guardsmen have completd their duties.