If you have been affected by rural crime then now is the chance to have your say about what impact it has had on you and how the police have handled the situation.

The Countryside Alliance’ latest survey is designed to help us all understand the effects of rural crime and how the police tackle it.

Rural policing is an important issue in the countryside and the CA is interested in gaining your views on rural policing and crime, by detailing any crimes that have been committed against you, including ones that were not reported to the police.

The CA is keen to have you answer questions such as: How did being a victim of crime make you feel? Did the police respond appropriately?

In its last such study – the 2020 Rural Crime Survey – 47 per cent of the 8,00-plus people who responded thought that the police in their area didn’t take rural crime seriously while 38 per cent said that they have had a crime committed against them in the last 12 months… with one in four of those not being reported to the police.

The views of those who live, work or regularly visit rural areas in England, Scotland and Wales will be used to highlight the true level of rural crime, with the CA saying it will let your Police and Crime Commissioner know the issues that matter and present the findings to government so that they understand rural crime better.

The survey should only take 10 minutes and your responses are anonymous. It will close on Monday, November 8th.

To get involved visit: https://countrysidealliance-news.org/44G9-15W90-6HJ0Y8-ZZ46H-1/c.aspx